YCASTR for Human Resources


Hear how Human Resource Professionals use YCASTR for Recruiting and Retaining


Attract the Best Talent by Promoting Your Company's Advantages

Not only do you have to find new talent, you have to retain the great employees you want.  You also recognize that by nurturing a company culture that celebrates success and promotes innovation, you will reduce turnover in key departments, while building a strong sense of community. 

You use email, webinars, and the occasional video conferences, and while these communication solutions are functional, they fail to build excitement and meaningful employee engagement. Simply put, they don't answer the vital question, "Why do I come to work every day?"  YCASTR helps you answer that "Y" with your company. 

If your company doesn't use podcasts as a communication tool, you're missing out.

The people you want working at your company are listening to podcasts.  Nearly 1 millennial in two listens to more than one podcast on a monthly basis.  That's over 30,000,000 people, every month, and the majority of podcast listeners are university educated.  Chances are your team is already listening to podcasts.  So why not tap into the fastest growing communications tool available, and begin to engage your team in a way that resonates, excites, and inspires.  And if you like, you can even make your podcast available on iTunes.  Let YCASTR help you attract and keep the best possible talent.

Today's top employees are listening to podcasts.  Let YCASTR help you reach them with top quality podcasts that help you share your company's unique value and contribution.

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