Transformative Internal   Communication Solutions

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For CEOs

Stay Connected to ENGAGE Your Team as Your Company Grows

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For HR Leaders

Recruit and Retain the Best Talent by Showcasing Successes

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For Sales Leaders

Improve Sales by Cloning Best Practices & Inspiring Your Team 

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Freedom From the Office:  The YCASTR Difference for Employee Engagement

YCASTR:  Even Our Name begins with "WHY"

We know that engaged, driven, and motivated employees truly connect to the "WHY" of their company.  And while email can rob your communication of passion and heart, your custom created internal podcast will drive results by both informing, and engaging your team.   Whether they're at the gym, driving, or cycling to work, they can always be inspired by the "WHY" of your brand, and infuse that into each and every sales and customer conversation.

The Benefit to Your Company  

  • Measurable increase in employee engagement. 

  • Measurable increases in sales. 
  • Measurable improvement in employee retention and recruiting. 

End-to-End Employee Engagement Solution

From creating custom employee engagement surveys, to designing and producing customized, impactful programming, to internal promotions to make sure your team is excited, listening, and engaged, YCASTR takes care of it.  Because we know that when employees are happy and informed, companies simply perform better.  

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