Welcome to Yay! Monday! A Podcast about Employee Experience!

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When we think of Monday, we often think Ugh!  It's the first day back at WORK.   This show celebrates companies and individuals who's life mission is to make Mondays great, by creating amazing employee experiences.  Companies are starting to understand that the best way to happy customers and profitable growth is through happy, engaged employees.  Yay Monday is your roadmap to creating the best employee culture possible.

Each episode features companies and people who spend their professional lives figuring out how to make workplaces awesome.  From creating high-trust cultures, to throwing amazing parties, this show features the people behind the very best companies to work for, so that YOUR company can be a best-company-to-work-for too.  Whether you're a CEO, manager, or entrepreneur of a growing company, you recognize that keeping your best people engaged and motivated is your number one job.  This podcast can help you do that.

So subscribe, download, and listen.  You'll learn from the best how to transform your office into a Yay Monday company.   So let's hear it for Monday!  Yay!

Pat Perdue