001: Amar Sidhu, SVP at ADP Canada, share’s how they’ve improved Employee Engagement by 17%

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In our first ever Yay Monday! episode, my guest Amar Sidhu, SVP Service Delivery and Production at ADP Canada, walks us through what is essentially a how-to manual for improving employee engagement scores an incredible 17 percentage points over a two year period. 

In this important episode, Amar shares:

  • His fundamental belief of what drives his success as a senior executive while building success for his teams and departments.

  • What is the number one driver of employee engagement, and contributed to the 17% jump in engagement results. 

  • The two crucial elements in your staff culture that, if absent, can cause staff celebrations to backfire.

  • Overcoming this corporate paradox:  The people who know the most and have the best customer knowledge have the least amount of authority to make decisions.

  • The business case behind empowering the front line to make decisions without always having to escalate requests.

  • And so much more….

Amar’s Listener Challenge

Anyone with a new idea to engage your employees and drive audacious results, reach out to Amar on Twitter @amar_sidhu_TO.  You can also reach Amar on LInkedIn here.

You can find me on Twitter @Patperdue.  I always love to hear from listeners of the show so feel free to reach out.  

Pat Perdue