002: Guest General Manager / Partner at Coldwell Banker Real Estate Professionals, Shares Secrets of Fostering a Culture of Trust and Kindness in the ultra-competitive world of Real Estate Sales

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On this this Yay! Monday! episode, welcome my guest, Stefanie Sersland (General Manager/Partner at Coldwell Banker Real Estate Professionals).

We discuss:

a) How to build a culture of trust in highly competitive office environments.

b) How trust and kindness can lead to improved long term business performance results

c) How focusing on the Employee Experience isn't just for major companies and tech start-ups.

d) Actionable strategies and tactics you can use to improve your office culture today.

About our Guest, Stefanie Sersland

Stefanie Sersland is the general manager and partner of the Coldwell Banker Real Estate Professionals Office (CBREP), a very special real estate office in Iowa City, Iowa.  She’s been there since 2000, and loves real estate. 

CBREP has 45 full time busy Realtors and a rock star staff.   When Stefanie isn't working, she's with her husband at their home on 20 acres overlooking a pond south of Iowa City with our golden lab, Clem enjoying a cold Coors Light.

About the Coldwell Banker Real Estate Professionals Office (CBREP)

The Coldwell Bankers Real Estate Professionals office is a very successful real estate office in Iowa City, Iowa, with 45 full agents as well as support staff.  It’s unique in real estate because the office culture focuses on the ideals of kindness, mutual respect, mutual trust, and support. 

Important Contact Information for Stefanie Sersland

Stefanie Sersland on Twitter:  @ssersland

Stefanie Sersland on Linkedin:  Stefanie on LInkedin

Website for Coldwell Banker Real Estate Professionals Office (CBREP), click here

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